Field Monitoring System

TenCate Grass introduces the Field Monitoring System, an intelligent camera system for  the use and maintenance of synthetic turf systems. The Field Monitoring System records the number of playing hours and the way that the maintenance of the pitch is carried out. The system was developed in cooperation with the Hillson Group, which is specialized in smart cameras for surveillance and security systems.

A sports pitch is a significant capital investment that is subject to wear and tear. TenCate has commissioned the development of a monitoring system to record activity on the pitch. This system can record usage of the pitch and maintenance work, and provide activity reports. An intelligent camera analyses all movements on the sports pitch and translates the data into reliable statistics. The benefits of the Field Monitoring System are that it:

  • Measures playing activity
    The intelligent cameras of the Field Monitoring System record every movement on the pitch and convert the data into a reliable activity report.
  • Satisfies use-based warranty requirements
    With the data generated, the TenCate Field Monitoring System can also be used for the TenCate Performance Warranty™, in accordance with FIFA 1-Star or FIFA 2-Star standards. The system also meets the requirements of the Performance Warranty for third party insurance.
  • Ensures maintenance is performed correctly and in good time
    The Field Monitoring System also records all maintenance work, even registering when and with what equipment it was carried out.
  • Provides security
    The Field Monitoring System can be remotely controlled and can also monitor its own functioning. If desired, it can be expanded to provide a surveillance system (CCTV) for security purposes.

For further information concerning the Field Monitoring System, please contact Frans Harmeling, Product Manager / Research and Development (

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