GreenSource - Sports for water

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There is an increasing demand from the international market for durable products, in particular those that save water. The GreenSource project ensures this, by combining the synthetic turf systems for sports or landscaping from TenCate with Pentair X-Flow technology for water treatment. The collected and treated water can then be used both for spraying synthetic turf pitches for sports activities and irrigating the terrain. Above all, the treated water can be used as drinking water for the local population.
Development of a fully independent system with the following characteristics:
  • A good quality sports field;
  • An automated, self sustaining system; no manual interference;
  • Only periodic maintenance and cleaning is required;
  • Water purification / extraction / condensation from the surrounding atmosphere and waste streams;
  • Water is used for maintenance of the field and for drinking water;
  • System runs on solar energy. 
GreenSource - Sports for water
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