Turf construction testing

Testing and analyzing stand alone components of a synthetic turf system provides information on its quality and specifications. However, it does not give full information on its performance in a synthetic turf pitch. The interaction of the different components, tuft settings, installation and maintenance are also very important parameters.
The method used to get an indication of the durability of turf blades in a specific turf construction is the lisport test.
The lisport test gives a visual indication on how a synthetic turf system will age in time as a result of usage of the pitch. Unfortunately, the durability of the turf carpet not only depends on usage, but on the combination of installation, weathering, usage and maintenance. The results of lisport testing are very useful in comparing different types of components or tuft settings and provide an indication of the durability of the synthetic turf system.

In the test two studded cylinders are rolled over a test piece of turf for a pre-set number of cycles. The number of cycles simulates a period of play on the pitch, as the studded roller simulates a football boot.

TenCate Grass - turf construction testing