23 June 2016

8 pairs of jeans in one tent

Blue LOOP Originals, a sustainable clothing brand of Dutch origin, designs and manufactures clothing from recycled denim. Their mission is 'From WORN to REBORN’, in which worn jeans get a quality second life. In this way, there is less textile waste burnt and more clothing is recycled. After a number of outstanding product innovations with the inclusion of worn jeans, Blue LOOP Originals is giving their light blue, recycled DNA a new meaningful purpose. From summer 2016, one can go camping in a two-person tent made of worn jeans. This ambitious project - the aptly named BlueCAMP - is a great addition to the field of sustainable camping.

For this innovation in recycling to see daylight, Blue LOOP Originals and TenCate in Nijverdal have joined forces. The result is a sturdy tent with the characteristic blue LOOP appearance. A quarter of the tent is made from recycled denim, in which the aim is to add more recycled materials in the future. Thus, a groundsheet made of Recuppasta, which is durable plastic made from recycled materials. This creates a circular, sustainable chain, which starts with the recycling of worn jeans.

BlueCAMP will be tested this summer at one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands: the Wadden Islands. Texel, Terschelling and even Rottumeroog will be the stage for the sustainable shelter of Blue LOOP Originals throughout the summer period.

Sustainabilitly, experience and free time
"With all the information we gather from the Wadden Islands this year, we'll make the tents even more sustainable in the years to come. BlueCAMP is an initiative that seeks maximum comfort with a minimal environmental footprint”, explained Ron van de Wiel from Blue LOOP Originals.

From 2017 BlueCAMP will have a stand at several festivals in the Netherlands. This will provide a good combination of durability, experience and free time. Blue LOOP Originals want to bring more awareness to (textiles) waste through this means.

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