14 March 2016

Camping on hotel level!

Waking up in a church, factory or even a prison. With the pop-up hotels of “To Many Places” this is all possible. Empty buildings and abandoned places are transformed to luxurious hotel rooms by placing indoor tents made of TenCate fabrics. Guests will have the best of both worlds: the comfort of a real hotel and the welcoming of a campsite.

“To Many Places” is a hotel made of tent cloth that travels throughout Europe. Authentic locations such as an old church, a factory or even a prison will be transformed into a beautiful place to stay for people who appreciate an extraordinary way to spend the night. Guests of “To Many Places” will sleep in a tent that is transformed into a hotel room. Of course, there is also a place to store clothing and luggage. Breakfast is served at the table in front of your own tent, or for those who love a breakfast in bed, on a tray full of goodies in your own tent!

The hotel concepts covers of more than just sleeping in special places. “To Many Places” literally opens doors of several buildings to organize surprising events for guests and residents in the country. These events provide casual atmospheres during sultry summer and cosy winter evenings. During these events you feel connected with each other and generate the best experience possible.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics provides the high-quality tent fabric for this hotel. The fabric that is used for this hotel is sufficient moisture repellent, breathable, insulating and dirt-resistant. Also flame retardancy is a functionality that will be important for the next few years for “To Many Places”.

TenCate Parasol