14 March 2016

Flame retardant cloth: Campshield

End of 2009 TenCate Outdoor Fabrics introduced tent fabrics with flame retardant properties. The  fabric is resistant to scorch, glow and sparks. The main market for this fabric is the group tents market but also NGO’s and tour operators are interested in TenCate Campshield ™ fabric.

With this development, Ten Cate anticipates on an increasing need for protection as one of the global themes. By listening to the market needs, we develop new products with existing or new technologies. The success of flame retardant fabrics in other markets has led to application in the outdoor market as well.

Campshield is a fabric with permanent flame retardant properties and is woven from four different fiber types. Flame retardant textile material has an inhibitory effect on the forming and spreading of fire, which makes this fabric very suitable for the camp site. The cloth is robust and stable, has a nice raw canvas look, has a breathable capacity and is very strong. It protects campers optimally against wind and weather.

Companies that use flame retardant fabric are: LuxeTenten, DreamLine and Tentipi.

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