7 March 2017

TenCate supports the new holiday fair concept ‘Outfreeca’

The newly discovered continent Outfreeca has already been frequently visited!

A new concept has been presented this January as a replacement for the ‘Camping by Night’ presentation at the holiday fair in the ‘Jaarbeurshallen’ in Utrecht. The new concept is called ‘Outfreeca’, which stands for a newly discovered continent with a beautiful and rugged nature where everything can be discovered. It is a place where all outdoor activities are represented and where one can camp. Where Freedom is spelt with a capital F.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics co-developed a Journey through the Outfreeca hall and placed, in collaboration with its customers Festipi, a series of tipi’s with the Outfreeca design. Each tipi had a unique code and they were placed throughout the Outfreeca hall.

The visitor of the new continent followed the route along the tipi’s, checked the unique codes and had a chance to win a daily prize.

The set-up of the outdoor stands like Isabella, Dorema and Adria, the present Outfricanes, the special guide in Outfreecaans and of course the many Tipi’s from Festipi made the new continent hall an amazing experience.

The series Outfreeca tipi’s will be available throughout the summer season at the festival campgrounds. See also the Festipi agenda at
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