4 November 2016

Audi chooses work clothing based on TenCate fabrics

During the past year, production workers of car manufacturer Audi have been wearing work clothing based on TenCate Tecawork™. It is about some 20.000 employees who are employed at the company headquarters in Ingolstadt and the production company Neckarsulm (Germany). 

Wear trials and wash tests
Wearer trials were conducted on proposed garments involving 1,800 employees in all divisions of VW and Audi. They evaluated the clothing on aspects like breathability, freedom of movement and wearer comfort – even after a number of industrial launderings. After all, work clothing can sometimes be industrially laundered up to 150 times during its service life. These wearer trials led to establishing the two defined fabrics, including TenCate Tecawork™ BG 1003. 

Thanks to its high quality, durability and great appearance even after industrial washes, TenCate Tecawork™ - BG 1003 has been a favorite fabric among workwear producers for many years now. Please contact us for sample material and specifications.

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