29 September 2016

Positive feedback from firefighters on the TenCate Millenia™

TenCate offers the lightest, strongest and most comfortable fabrics for firefighter turnout gear, such as the TenCate Millenia™ - 450 System, which offers great performance even in the toughest conditions. You don’t have to take our word for it though. It’s also what firefighters are saying who have tried the material in practice.

The Experience
Participants at our previous TenCate Experience events have found these helpful and informative. They tested the TenCate Millenia™ - 450 System, a unique flame-resistant solution, in which the outer shell, the thermal moisture barrier and the liner are combined into a single integrated system, giving unrivaled performance and comfort. A survey held among the 25 firefighter participants of our TenCate Experience in April 2016 revealed the following insights about the TenCate Millenia system: 

  •  All participants thought the garments made with TenCate materials compare better or much better than competitor garments. 
  •  All participants noted that garments made with TenCate materials cool quicker than competitor garments. 
  • All participants agreed that they would wear garments made with TenCate materials in the future. 

Take a look at this video interview below with one of the participants. Click here for more information about the TenCate Experience.

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