About Us

Durable solutions for protecting people

TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies durable solutions for protecting people in their professional environment. Our fabrics comply with the highest standards attainable, meet all legislation and regulation and conform to the requirements of firefighters.
In addition to providing maximum protection against heat, flames and other risks, our flame resistant fabrics are very light and offer unmatched toughness, are very good at regulating moisture levels and are suited to extreme working environments. 

By staying in close contact with firefighters and garment-makers, we understand the wishes of end users and know which advanced solutions need to be developed to meet these requirements. 

Creating an optimal system
TenCate has an extensive range of fabrics that meet the wishes of end users and that far outperform statutory requirements. As a producer of high-tech fabrics, TenCate is the only supplier to provide total systems that have been so thoroughly tested. In addition to the outer layer, these systems also comprise a moisture-regulating barrier and an inner lined thermal barrier. Knowledge of all three layers allows the creation of the optimal system, with each separate layer complementing and reinforcing the other layers.

TenCate Gemini XTL™