TenCate Millenia™


The strongest and lightest outer shell fabric available.

TenCate Millenia™ – MI 9180 is the lightest and strongest outer shell available in the market. It’s unique composition of para-aramid and PBO fibres makes it extremely durable and strong, resulting in the best FR fabric in test.

Unequalled strength – even when exposed to heat and flame

  • High abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and cut and perforation resistance
  • Retains durable qualities even when exposed to heat and flame

TenCate Millena™ - Best in test FR fabric

Safer – won’t break open

TenCate Millenia™ is extremely sturdy and can withstand the toughest conditions. Even after exposure to heat and fire, the fabric will not break open.

Break open

Download the MI 9180 – Outer shell sell sheet:

TenCate Gemini XTL™