4 April 2016

TenCate Experience Day 11 and 12 April

Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April 2016 TenCate Protective Fabrics organizes a TenCate Experience of two days for about 25 firefighters from Germany. This TenCate Experience is organized in collaboration with our partner garment maker Vorndamme. 

The TenCate Experience is a complete Theory & Practical training course. Monday 11 April 2016 there are demonstrations of the different high-tech fabrics and standard solutions. On this day the fire fighters will see and feel the difference in breathability, flame-resistancy, heat reduction and durability.

The fire fighters also get a tour of the TenCate factories and test laboratory. How are materials for firefighting gear produced and tested in accordance with the latest European and ISO-standards? Handy tips that are important when selecting new gear.

Tuesday 12 April 2016 there is a training at one of Europe’s most modern training facilities Troned, at a former military airfield in Twente (near Enschede). In this firefighting training centre the fire fighters can experience the difference between their current firefighting gear and TenCate gear developed with the latest high-tech fabrics that are light, tough and heat-stress reducing.

TenCate Gemini XTL™