6 July 2015

Win a TenCate Experience Day

Do you want to experience the difference between your current firefighting gear and gear developed with the latest high-tech fabrics that are tough, heat stress reducing and comfortable? Then register now and get a chance of a TenCate Experience Day. 

What can you win? 
A complete Theory & Practical training course (2 days) at Troned, one of Europe’s most modern training facilities, located at a former military airfield near Enschede in The Netherlands. 

What does the Experience Day involve?
  • Demonstrations of the different high-tech fabrics and standard solutions. Where will you see the difference, in breathability, flame-resistance, heat-protection and durability?
  • In the firefighting training centre you can experience these properties for yourself when the fabrics are used in firefighting gear.
  • A tour of the TenCate factories and test laboratory. How are materials for firefighting gear produced and tested? Get useful tips that are important when selecting new gear.

Register now and get a chance to participate in one of the TenCate Experience Days. Register no later than 1 September 2015 on Winners will participate in the TenCate Experience day at the end of 2015. You will be informed by mail. 

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