Moisture barriers

This critical part of a firefighter's turnout gear provides a durable line of defense against water and hazardous liquids (such as chemicals and body fluids). The thermal-moisture barrier prevents moisture from passing through to the inside of the garment, but allows any perspiration to pass through. The thermal-moisture barrier helps to keep firefighters dry and protect them from hazardous liquids. At the same time it helps to reduce heat stress by facilitating the outflow of heat and vapour.

Excellent protection against heat

Breathable Heat regulation

  • Patented 3D-spunlace non-woven provides better insulation and moisture management. Due to the 3D structure more air gets trapped into the system enhancing the thermal performance.
  • Highly breathable

Waterproof, with good moisture permeation

Heat and flame resistant Moisture management
  • Excellent protection against water, chemical/blood splashes, and blood-transmitted diseases
  • Improve sweat evaporation
  • Resistant to high temperatures
TenCate thermal moisture barrier

Very good appearance after washing

  • Smooth appearance maintained
  • No high abrasion areas
  • Insulation remains intact
Compared to thermal barriers developed with a dot-technology, the thermal moisture barrier of TenCate is better in terms of abrasion, thermal performance and after wash appearance.

TenCate Gemini XTL™