Financial information

Investor Relations at Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is – in addition to financial accountability – based on open and clear communication of the entire organization on strategy, the state of affairs, the prospects, the commercial position and role within the society.  

TenCate aims to improve the quality and accessibility of information in order to further improve the dialogue with stakeholders. This communication includes:  

Financial agenda
Stakeholders may receive an automatic notification by email when a new financial event is posted on the website of TenCate. They can also choose to be notified as a reminder for an upcoming financial event.  

Press releases
In response to current news TenCate regularly sends press releases to the international financial and / or non-financial (trade) media. Investor relations of TenCate receive this notice. Stakeholders can register on the website of TenCate to digitally receive these press releases.  Virtually all press releases can be found on the corporate website, or that of the division involved.  

The magazine txtures is a quarterly published in Dutch and English. Txtures provides background information about business activities and related developments. Stakeholders may obtain a free subscription. Summaries of articles from txtures are available at the TenCate website. The English version of txtures can also be downloaded as App in the Appstore.  

Annual report
The TenCate report of the past financial year, together with the financial statements, is available each spring in printed and digital form, published in Dutch and English. A dynamic digital version is also available at the TenCate website. Stakeholders can request a printed version, which is sent free of charge.  

Financial spokesman
For substantive, financial questions and / or comments media and analysts may contact the manager investor relations: 
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