26 August 2016

Appointment Jan Albers chairman of the Executive Board Royal Ten Cate

During the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Royal Ten Cate in Almelo on Thursday, 25 August 2016, Mr J.H.L. (Jan) Albers (1952) was appointed member and chairman of the Executive Board, with the title of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

As from 29 January 2016 Jan Albers was chairman of the Supervisory Board of TenCate and has stepped down from this position. Mr B.T. (Boudewijn) Boudewijn Molenaar (1953), member of the Supervisory Board of TenCate, will take over the position of Jan Albers as chairman of the Supervisory Board. 

During this General Meeting Mr F.J.A.M. (Fred) van Houten (1951), on recommendation of the Central Works Council of TenCate, was appointed member of the Supervisory Board. Mr. Van Houten is leading the Faculty of Design, Production and Management and is Professor in Design Engineering at the University Twente. He is also engaged in several other positions outside the University, such as member of the Supervisory Board of Apollo Vredestein B.V. 

Further information regarding the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board can be found on the corporate website of TenCate (www.tencate.com).

Download: 160826-PR-TenCate-regarding-appointment-chairman-executive-board
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