Corporate social responsibility

Pursuit of continuity

The sustainability policy of TenCate forms an integral part of the pursuit of continuity of the multinational. It is based on the forward-looking vision, mission and strategy of the Executive Board. At the same time it reflects the long-term approach and actions of the directors, management and employees of the TenCate divisions and the subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide.

Sustainable profitability

As a multinational company, TenCate is aware of the effect that its actions have on the social environment. By maintaining the company on the basis of sustainable profitability, TenCate seeks to contribute to social, ecological and economic development for future generations.

Global trends

On the basis of global trends towards safety and sustainability on which TenCate focuses, numerous underlying themes arise in relation to the promise of TenCate: Protecting people and their working and living environment. The following solutions enable the divisions of TenCate to make a tangible contribution to that protection:

  • Protective fabrics
  • Outdoor fabrics
  • Space and aerospace composites
  • Anti-ballistics and armour 
  • Geotextiles
  • Synthetic turf 

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the means by which TenCate integrates sustainability into its business operations. Management of the value chain involves numerous sustainability aspects to greater or lesser degrees. In the various value chains TenCate plays an active role as a customer, producer, supplier and partner in delivering sustainable innovations in numerous fields.

Triple P

CSR can be defined as the aim of achieving a balance between people (People – social and ethical aspects), the environment (Planet – ecological and environmental aspects) and operating result (Profit – economic and operational aspects). TenCate seeks to act transparently and ethically in this regard. 

CSR policy

This sustainability aim is structurally embedded in the different facets of the organization and business operations. The divisions involved and the Corporate Centre have developed, designed and organized the CSR policy of TenCate in accordance with the structure, content and principles of the CSR Performance ladder.

CSR Performance ladder

The CSR Performance ladder meets the need to make sustainable development tangible, objective and demonstrable based on social involvement. This certification standard was compiled on the basis of principles as laid down in the international guidelines for sustainability (ISO 26000 / ICS 03.100.01), stakeholder management (AA1000) and indicators and reporting (Global Reporting Initiative). This certification norm is structured in such a way that it is applicable internationally. 

The CSR Performance ladder stands for:

  • The integration of the key principles of corporate social responsibility
  • Making the characteristics of sustainable development in the management system transparent and verifiable
  • The demonstrable and objective assessment of the current status of this development process

The CSR Performance ladder reflects the fact that TenCate has a management system for corporate social responsibility, in which the requirements and expectations of stakeholders are managed on result.

TenCate stakeholders

The sustainable business operations of TenCate are based on the creation of added value for customers, end-customers, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. These are organizations or individuals who have an interest in the decisions and activities of TenCate, towards whom some legal obligations exist, and who can help TenCate further in a continuous process of improvement. 

Other relevant stakeholders for TenCate are:

  • Customers, prospects and end-users
  • Competitors
  • Employees
  • All divisions and associated companies
  • Suppliers
  • Logistical service providers
  • Partners
  • Research and educational institutions and students
  • Sector experts, knowledge institutions
  • Social organizations, NGOs
  • International, national, regional and local authorities
  • Banks and insurers
  • Local residents and interested parties

Key objectives of TenCate

On the basis of sustainability expectations the following key objectives for the sustainability policy have been determined by TenCate:

A. Focus on the customer
B. Sound products and processes
C. Sound business practice
D. Good employment practices
E. Responsible conduct of business
F. Social involvement
G. Making measurable (KPIs) and publishing data (GRI) on the carbon and water footprints 

TenCate applies the following tools:

  • Certification (organization, process, product); 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 
  • People 
    • Employment 
    • Welfare and safety 
    • Education and training 
    • Diversity and equal opportunities 
  • Planet 
    • Energy 
    • Water 
    • Emissions, wastewater and waste materials 
  • Profit 
    • Investments and purchasing 
    • Products and services 
  • Internal reporting and internal branding 
  • Integrated reporting (GRI) and external branding
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