Sustainability policy

Sustainable company

TenCate is well rooted in society with a history dating back before 1704. As such TenCate is proven to be a sustainable company. 

Constant renewal

This sustainability is even more so now that TenCate has transformed itself in the last decade from a textiles conglomerate to a high end textiles technology group with a global reach. Constant renewal is a central aim for the continuity of the company. 

Technological innovations

The technological innovations of TenCate cater to the needs nowadays for safe and sustainable solutions. Protecting people is the promise of TenCate. Materials, modules and systems of TenCate make a difference and are the vehicles to live up to the social, ecological and economic needs and expectations. The strategic focus of TenCate on technological innovations is the cornerstone of the company’s leadership in safety and sustainability. 

Long term

This corporate strategy is a strong foundation and makes the company more and more a frontrunner in sustainable development on the long term, both within and outside its industry.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)