Spring 2016

From next year, two American professional clubs will be playing in the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta (Georgia, US) on a three-dimensional woven and fully recyclable synthetic turf system from TenCate. 

This GreenFields® MX pitch for the stadium in Atlanta is being manufactured in the American production location of TenCate Grass in Dayton, Tennessee (US). 

mercedes benz stadium atlanta interior falcons
From delivery in 2017, the hypermodern Mercedes-Benz stadium will be the home ground of the American football team the Atlanta Falcons and of Atlanta United, the new football team in the Major League 

The Atlanta Falcons asked GreenFields to create a synthetic turf pitch that would not simply be the best in the world for professional and American football, but would also be so durable that it would remain at top quality for years to come.

mercedes benz stadium atlanta roof
TenCate Grass developed a new shock pad and infill: STAR, short for safety, traction and release. The number 3 stands for three of the best GreenFields materials, which go to make up the system: GreenFields® MX, the infill and the TenCate Ecocept performance base

Tests show that, in terms of shock absorption and energy restitution, the GreenFields® MX 3-STAR synthetic turf system displays the characteristics of natural grass for stadium football. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)