Spring 2016

The TenCate Field in a box™ system from TenCate Grass links sport with social, educational and economic aims. Sport brings people together and helps to promote participation and integration. The system offers teaching and educational facilities and can help to boost employment and to strengthen the local community. In this way TenCate Field in a box™ fits in well with WorldCoaches, in which the KNVB (Dutch Football Association) uses football for the development of the local community in developing countries.

TenCate Field in a box™ is a ready-made solution in a single container of 84 cubic metres. Inside the container are all the components for a sports pitch measuring 40 x 20 metres. The container itself can easily be converted into a sports canteen, a room for people to meet, a classroom or an office. 

grass field in a box op locatie
TenCate Field in a box™

The coordinator of WorldCoaches, Johan van Geijn, is enthusiastic about the TenCate Field in a box™ concept. ‘There is an enormous demand in developing countries for a better foundation to enable children to play football and to train them in the neighbourhoods. It is often the price of the base that means that the initiative comes to naught, due to the high costs. Thanks to further development of the groundwork at TenCate Field in a box™, the installation is now much more affordable. The container immediately provides the local community with additional space for training and mentoring. This makes a great contribution towards a more vibrant neighbourhood. The improved base  with synthetic turf  has also made it possible to start developing a business model for using and running the facility.’

grass field in a box rio
The mini-pitch at the Santa Teresa School in Rio de Janeiro

The KNVB has been engaged in training football coaches in these countries for almost twenty years. A WorldCoach teaches children in a responsible way to play football or to improve their game and provides information about such important matters as hygiene, criminality and the prevention of  HIV and AIDs. WorldCoaches are trained in such as way that they can pass on their knowledge locally to future WorldCoaches. Apart from Suriname and the Dutch Antilles, the KNVB focuses mainly on the developing countries that fall within Dutch government policy. The KNVB also links the activities of WorldCoaches to international tournaments in which the Dutch national team is participating. 

grass field in a box johan geijn
Johan van Geijn: ‘The KNVB has developed as a social organisation in the past two decades’ 

WorldCoaches has had a commercial relationship with Edel Grass for ten years now. In 2014 the KNVB and its partners donated a mini-synthetic turf pitch to a state school in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil. Edel Grass donated the synthetic turf for this and Philips provided the latest LED lighting for the pitch. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with its partners, built a synthetic turf athletics track around the mini-football pitch. ‘Together we can genuinely achieve more and make a contribution to the development of young people and of sport in Rio de Janeiro’, said Johan van Geijn. ‘The KNVB has developed as a social organisation in the past two decades, internationally too’, he stated. 

grass field in a box suriname
The Belfirma mini-pitch in Suriname

In Suriname, since November 2014, WorldCoaches, together with Edel Grass and other parties, has installed across the country sixteen mini-synthetic turf pitches with LED lighting, on behalf of the Suriname Sports Development Fund. This has given a huge boost o football in the neighbourhood. The pitches are self-sufficient as they are available to local schools every day and for after-school neighbourhood football. For three hours in the evening these popular pitches are rented out to company teams and to teams of veterans. The money goes on minor maintenance or is saved for the replacement of materials after a number of years. The pitches have become the example of community development through sport.

logo edel grass
WorldCoaches and Edel Grass, as supplier of the synthetic turf pitch, donated mini-synthetic turf pitches in Brazil and Suriname

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)