Summer 2014

Hannover Messe success for TenCate

TenCate operates at the very heart of society and makes a genuine contribution to further improvements in sustainability. With its innovative products, systems and technological developments, TenCate often leads the way. This is one of the main conclusions that can be drawn from the presence of TenCate at the Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial trade fair, which was held from 7 through 11 April this year. 

The fair, which was opened by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, together with Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, was inspired by the theme 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution'. This year the Netherlands was the partner country. There were 270 Dutch companies present and TenCate, which was presenting its products here for the first time, attracted a great deal of attention. 

hannover messe groep
Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and German chancellor Angela Merkel, listening to astronaut André Kuipers showing them the monocoque for Adler

For TenCate the Hannover Messe was a great success in various respects. The company took advantage of the fair in part to reach out to the large German car industry, which is also increasingly focusing on improving sustainability. This means lighter cars that use less energy. This is an irreversible trend, as a result of European regulations, which oblige even cars to reduce their CO2 emissions. This offers a golden opportunity for composite. It is not only much lighter and more sustainable, but also far stronger than steel and thus safer. And safety is also of great importance on roads that are becoming ever more congested. Moreover, the use of composite enables production volumes to be adapted fairly flexibly, as was indicated in the presentation ‘Global Challenges, Dutch Composites’. 

hannover messe chassis adler
At the fair TenCate prominently displayed the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 4C, produced by Adler in Italy, with thermoset composite from TenCate. 

TenCate has for many years had a prominent presence in the aviation industry with its thermoplastic composites. Thermoset composite from TenCate is widely used in the space industry. During his presentation, ‘Global Challenges, Dutch Composites’, Arnt Offringa, director R&D of Fokker Aerostructures, indicated a number of interesting longer-term trends. These are partly the result of the increasing use of composites in aircraft. ‘Since 2000 the aviation industry has grown by some 53 percent, whereas fuel consumption has increased by only 3 percent’, Arnt Offringa stated. ‘In addition to much more fuel-efficient engines, an important factor is the great increase in the use of lighter composite materials in the leading edge, tail sections, and recently in the wings and fuselages of the A350 and Boeing 787. Composite is also being incorporated more and more into the interior. So it’s a case of green being combined with growth.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)