Summer 2014

TenCate Experience for German firefighters

On Thursday 3 and Friday 4 April TenCate Protective Fabrics received a visit from some thirty German firefighters  for two days of a TenCate Experience.

The two-day TenCate Experience had both a theoretical and a practical component. On 3 April the guests, who came from fire brigades in the federal states of Hessen and Noordrijn-Westfalen, were given presentations on various types of fabrics, clothing maintenance and the importance of reducing heat stress. Garment maker Heinrich Vorndamme oHG played an active part in this. Test demonstrations were carried out in the fire laboratory in the afternoon and there was also a tour of the production company. The next day the group paid a visit to the firefighting training centre at Twente Airport, near Enschede, where our eastern neighbours were given the opportunity to experience for themselves firefighters’ uniforms with TenCate Millenia™ - 450 System under ‘real’ conditions.

protective experience groep

Many a firefighter and fire brigade is not yet aware of the commitment of TenCate to the development and production of protective and flame-retardant fabrics. The company’s mission Protecting people and the characteristics of the materials are usually also unknown. So visits of this type are extremely instructive. During these visits the participants are given the opportunity to make contacts with other brigades and companies. And for TenCate Protective Fabrics it is useful to hear how firefighters work and how they feel about and assess their uniforms.

protective experience vuur

What is unique about TenCate Millenia™ - 450 System is its unparalleled strength in combination with the lowest weight (450 g/m²) that satisfies European legislation (EN469 level 2). The system is extremely comfortable, without compromising its protective and durable characteristics. The firefighters were thus without exception positive about the protection provided by the turnout gear with TenCate Millenia™ 450. They spoke highly of its good ventilation, its rapid heat dissipation after contact with the seat of the fire, its low weight and its comfort. Due to the rapid heat dissipation they were able to resume work faster.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)