Summer 2014

‘TenCate is the hallmark of quality’

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics develops and produces cloth for tents and awnings. The company focuses primarily on the higher market segment and the professional market. End-user marketing, in combination with the strong brand position of TenCate, plays an important role in this. This accounts for its presence at international trade fairs and holiday and tourism fairs and its frequent contact with garment makers, dealers and the suppliers of hire tents. The last category includes and FarmCamps. This has resulted in more than a thousand fully equipped luxury tents across the world, 177 of which are for their customer FarmCamps. 

There are a number of trends in the camping world, including glamorous camping (glamping): sleeping in a tent in the countryside while enjoying the luxury of a holiday home. One of the young players on this stage is FarmCamps, which in 2014 is now entering its third season. FarmCamps focuses on farm holidays, but then in comfort. In the past two years some 177 tents have been installed at 13 locations – farming companies – in the Netherlands: 137 safari tents and 40 lodge tents. The latter are even more luxuriously equipped and have their own bathroom. Both models make use of TenCate outdoor fabric, which is turned into tents by in Emmeloord (NL). The tents remain standing even outside the camping season.

outdoor fabrics farmcamps drietal tent
From right to left Léon Juffermans (, Saskia Poulissen (FarmCamps) and Herman Klompenmaker (TenCate Outdoor Fabrics)

At FarmCamps they know that young families are buying less camping equipment of their own, like camper vans or trailer tents; they want to be flexible in their leisure time. FarmCamps has therefore specialized in teaching families with children about country life in a fun way while providing a fair degree of comfort, as operational director, Saskia Poulissen expressed it. ‘Put a child on a farm and they’ll be no trouble at all. They enjoy themselves playing in the hay, helping the farmer and soon pick up all they need to know about life down on the farm.’ There is also a second aspect. According to Saskia Poulissen many farmers in the Netherlands are facing the choice of either operating on a larger scale or diversifying. With this aim FarmCamps can offer them an additional income. 

outdoor fabrics farmcamps restauranttent also uses TenCate Campshield®  for its range of tents, as for this restaurant tent

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplies the outdoor fabric for the tents at the locations. Although tent is not exactly the right word: ‘canvas cottage’ does more justice to the comfortable and attractively equipped accommodation. The tents are manufactured by the firm, which was set up in 2009. At that time glamping was a concept that was barely known and demand for this type of tent had just started. Tents based on cloth from Pakistan proved to be scarcely suitable for Europe and of too low a quality. Léon Juffermans and his business partner Patrick Damen then decided to start producing these tents themselves, at an attractive cost price and purchasing price. For the outer fabric they opted for PVC. For the inside – which was crucial to provide enough living space – they went for TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and the fabric KA46 from the TenCate Solair® collection: a tried and tested product and brand. Incidentally, also uses TenCate Campshield® for a number of the tents in its range.

outdoor fabrics farmcamps drietal tent zoom

FarmCamps is positive about its choice as well the collaboration with both parties. ‘I’m delighted we opted for TenCate cloth’, Saskia Poulissen tells us. ‘The name is a hallmark of quality. TenCate provides a distinctive capability in our sales. The level of quality of stands head and shoulders above the rest. Tent, furniture, floors, structure, they supply it all’.
Within this ménage à trois there is an excellent, open relationship. The contact person at TenCate is Herman Klompenmaker, marketing and sales manager. The fabric supplier listens carefully, says Saskia Poulissen: ‘TenCate has an open attitude towards its customers. You´re a customer that they are going to help’. FarmCamps itself knows what the requirements of its end-users, the campers, are. That´s why they like to call on the garment maker with any questions they might have about new developments. They then set to work finding solutions with him or the three of them together. 

outdoor fabrics farmcamps tent
A tent from in Spain, based on outdoor fabrics from TenCate.

Both and FarmCamps are ambitious. is still a seasonal company and operates mainly within Europe. Léon Juffermans aims to become an international player, on other markets too. He has found that TenCate already has a good reputation in North America in protective clothing and antiballistic applications. 'That brand recognition is definitely helping us along.' Saskia Poulissen too is thinking about crossing borders: ‘We aim to have about 30 camp sites with this formula, within a 500- kilometre radius of Utrecht. Our formula is after all principally focused on short stays, like a weekend or midweek’.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)