Summer 2014

Successful debut at InPrint fair

In April 2014 the InPrint industrial print show was co-located with the Hannover Messe for the first time. Here Xennia Technology made a successful debut – certainly given the number of interested visitors to the Xennia pavilion. Deployment of the Xennia digital inkjet technology for the printing, decoration and ‘coating’ of a wide range of materials offers huge potential. 
Judging by the number of leads accumulated at the print show, there is evidently quite a lot happening in the field of inkjet technology, especially when it comes to the decoration of materials. Inkjet technology creates a high measure of flexibility in the area of design, production and customer requirements, and Xennia Technology brings together all the necessary know-how to realize an industrial solution by means of inkjet technology. 

hannover messe inprint stand
At the Xennia Technology stand

‘Our innovative technology can contribute significantly to increasing sales and even to revolutionizing revenue models in various sectors,’ explains Dave Knight, managing director of Xennia Technology. The company has now been active in this industrial sector for nearly twenty years.
Thanks to the sophisticated knowledge, experience and solutions that Xennia Technology brings to the field of digital inkjet technology, a factory of the future is actually being created. On the basis of optimal stock control, it enables companies to supply the customer with tailor-made products faster and more flexibly, while reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials such as water and ink. And all this leads to considerable savings in costs. 

inkjettechnologie reggiani
For TenCate too this technology offers interesting prospects. ‘To put it simply, soon every consumer at a computer will be able to design his or her own special print on the tent cloth or awning and have the end product supplied by a partner affiliated to TenCate,’ says Tim Phillips, marketing manager of Xennia Technology.

inkjettechnologie inprint tim phillips
Tim Phillips

‘Production companies in various sectors can secure a significant competitive advantage with this concept.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)