Spring 2013


Angry birds on synthetic turf

In December 2012 the biggest Angry Birds Theme Park in the world opened its doors to its young public. Saltex supplied and installed the SafeGrass carpets for this indoor activity park in Vuokatti (Finland). The synthetic grass carpets are based on TenCate Tapeslide™ XT, and this synthetic grass fibre underwent an additional antistatic teatment beforehand.
grass angry birds 1
The Angry Birds park in Vuokatti covers a playing area of 8,700 m2 and has wall-to-wall SafeGrass synthetic turf carpets. These, just like a number of shock pads in the outer area, were supplied and installed by Saltex, the only tufter in Scandinavia. Saltex has been a loyal partner of TenCate Grass for more than ten years now. The TenCate Tapeslide™ XT fibrillated synthetic turf fibre has undergone a special treatment for this application. Antistatic yarn is a new development within TenCate Grass. Thanks to this treatment, the small grains of infill don’t stick to the clothing of players and sports enthusiasts; the synthetic turf has a heat-reflecting capability and is fire-resistant; and the fibre delivers an even better performance. All this ensures a better and safer playing experience, particularly for children. 
grass angry birds 2
Saltex is the first party that has opted for this development, and the success of the introduction proves the wisdom of this choice. The same applies to the growth potential: there are dozens of opportunities in Scandinavia in the pipeline, just for Angry Birds Kids Playgrounds like this one.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)