Spring 2013


Cooperating in smart materials

TenCate is partner in innovation centres and innovation projects. In a number of cases the lectureship Smart Functional Materials of Saxion is also involved. Within a number of projects work is being carried out on new applications with textile (smart materials) and on further reducing the use of increasingly scarce raw materials and natural resources. Saxion forms an important link between theory and practice. ‘We work from conceptual ideas to concrete products.’
Smart Functional Materials is one of the lectureships within the Knowledge Centre Design & Technology of Saxion in Enschede. Ger Brinks is director BMA-Techne (Business Technology Development) and lecturer in Smart Functional Materials. There are three directions in research: Digital processes, Smart textiles (textile and electronics) and Sustainable textile. Researchers and students work together with companies and innovation centres. As Ger Brinks explains, in this way Saxion forms an important link between theory and practice. ‘It is the social task of Saxion to conduct application-oriented research per thematic field and translate this into applications for the SMEs. We work from conceptual ideas to concrete products. We are not involved in the final development within the company.’
smart materials
Ger Brinks
One of these companies is TenCate – according to Ger Brinks ‘an important major player that is involved in many projects.’ Saxion students are already carrying out projects within OICAM. Those nearing graduation can almost always find a graduation project at TenCate or OICAM. Examples of projects in which TenCate is involved include OOG, BETON, RIO, Safety on the work floor and Digital processes. 
These and other projects make it clear that the need to rely on scarce raw materials is increasingly diminishing and the number of environmentally adverse processes can be substantially reduced. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)