Spring 2013


Global player in protective clothing

The need to protect people at their work and during their leisure time is growing worldwide. TenCate Protective Fabrics seeks to be a dominant player in providing solutions for personal protection and safety wear and work clothing based on advanced textiles, proven technologies, with proven reliability and a focus on sustainability.
protective fabrics 1
TenCate Protective Fabrics focuses on the growing need worldwide to protect people in their working environment. 
The fire-fighter has to face fires and when there is a traffic accident help free passengers. The military operates under different threats and has to be able to function in both tropical and polar conditions. Workers in the metal and chemical industries need protection against welding spatters, the danger of dust explosions, heat and fire. In all these cases wearing comfort is also necessary. To this end the market group develops and produces materials, modules and (multilayer) systems that meet precisely defined requirements and standards. TenCate Protective Fabrics has a broad range of product types, each with its own specific characteristics, for a diversity of markets. Customers are also making more frequent demands of sustainability, the CO2 footprint and costs during the product lifespan.
protective fabrics 2
In the markets in which TenCate operates, reliability as a supplier, the performance of the materials (how the material satisfies all the requirements and standards laid down) and a role as a partner in product development are all essential. Since many orders are project-driven, the reliability of delivery of the entire chain is crucial. So it is vital to have a good relationship with the raw materials suppliers (principally fibre producers). As a global player, TenCate has access to the global raw materials markets. TenCate is often one of the major customers for fibres in this specific market segment. Long-term agreements have been entered into with a number of fibre producers.
protective fabrics 3
A crew member of the Norwegian Navy in TenCate Defender™ M
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)