Spring 2013


Mission: Protecting people

TenCate concentrates on the safety and protection of people and their everyday environment. These are worldwide growth markets. TenCate operates mainly within six market themes, which are derived from two global trends: safety and sustainability. The themes are: personal protection, defence, mobility, infrastructure, water management and sport & recreation. The materials that are being developed on the basis of these market themes are in line with specific demands that are made within these niche markets. 
protecting people 1
Professionals deserve the best possible protection in their specific working environment. Because the demands of protection and sustainability are continuously changing, TenCate is constantly engaged in developing materials, modules and systems that do exactly what the market and end-user require of them. In the process it becomes increasingly important to improve the cost efficiency of the chosen solution, for example because the materials and modules form part of an integrated system. Thanks to its broad technological base, made up in part of its technology-driven acquisitions, TenCate can provide the widest range of functionalities in materials. This is done either independently or in collaboration with third parties. These characteristics are often established on the basis of a functional specification, which prescribes for example good visibility, heat- and fire-resistance, the type of protection required and user-friendliness. 
In txtures 1 we examine the TenCate Protective & Outdoor Fabrics division, a part of Advanced Textiles & Composites. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)