Spring 2013


Protection for Daimler Zetros

TenCate Advanced Armour has been selected as supplier to Daimler AG for the ballistic protection of the Daimler Zetros GLF truck, 100 of which will be supplied to the German Army.
TenCate Advanced Armour has together with Daimler developed armour kits (a package of protection panels). This is an indication of the possibilities to supply customized armour solutions to automotive customers who make exacting demands as regards quality and protection. 
daimler zetros
Henrik Kjær Jørstad is business manager, aircraft protection for Northern Europe and Scandinavia at TenCate Advanced Armour. ‘We have learned a great deal from the cooperation with Daimler’, he tells us. ‘We have improved on quality management as well as consistency of supply. At the same time we have worked hard to prove ourselves a motivated and flexible partner in thevelopment and serial delivery. For reasons of confidentiality, he could provide no further information about the protection solutions. 
The experience gained in the project for the German Army has been translated into a range of specific procedures in the organization. ‘These will ensure that we are even more capable as a development partner and strategic supplier to customers in the automotive industry.’ TenCate Advanced Armour is already working on new vehicle projects.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)