Spring 2013


Protective fabrics for fire brigades

At the beginning of this year TenCate Protective Fabrics won orders for the supply of inherently heat- and fire-resistant materials for the new station wear clothing of the Kuwait fire brigade and the uniforms of the IJsselland and North-East Gelderland (NL) fire brigades. In the autumn of 2012 TenCate had already secured a reference order for the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade, for which comfort, quality, lifespan costs and end-user marketing were the decisive factors. TenCate is now competing in new tenders with specific protection solutions.
TenCate Protective Fabrics secured a major order for the supply of materials for 2,000 uniforms for the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade at the end of last year. With its recent supply of materials for new fire-fighters’ uniforms for the fire brigade of Kuwait and the IJsselland and North-East Gelderland fire brigades, TenCate Protective Fabrics is once again contributing to the optimal protection of fire-fighters. This involves a total of 21,850 uniforms: 20,000 for Kuwait, 1,200 for the IJsselland security region and 650 for the North-East Gelderland security region. 
protective fabrics 2
Comfort, quality and lifespan costs were decisive factors in the tenders. A not unimportant aspect was also the end-user marketing. It is difficult to select clothing that provides optimal protection for employees. The fabric that is selected as the material determines almost entirely the level of protection, the degree of comfort and the quality of the clothing. Moreover, there is a very extensive range of protective fabrics to choose from. Experts at TenCate Protective Fabrics know all there is to know about textiles, standards and the latest materials on the market. It is easier to convey one’s requirements more clearly in direct personal contacts than in specifications. The customer gets a more specific answer to his questions than from the multiplicity of answers turned up by search engines on the Internet. End-users receive the best possible advice to help them make the right choice of material. 
In the past year efforts in end-user marketing have been intensified. Through good communications between sales, R&D and end-user marketeers, TenCate can operate even more professionally and decisively, and this pays off, especially with professional discussion partners. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)