Spring 2013


Synthetic turf for champions

In 2012 Limonta Sport installed a synthetic turf pitch in Farum Park in Nordsjaelland, home ground of the Danish football champions FC Nordsjaelland. The TenCate Monoslide™ XQ™ synthetic turf fibre, which has been developed exclusively for Limonta, forms the basis of the pitch. This synthetic turf pitch is also suitable for matches at Champions League level.
grass nordsjaelland 1
The TenCate Monoslide™ XQ™ synthetic turf fibre, an essential component of the new synthetic turf pitch, is marketed by Limonta Sport under the name SoccerPro Max S. The infill is InfillPro Geo. Top European clubs such as AC Milan, Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moscow are among those who have already opted for this solution that meets FIFA 2 Star requirements. Consequently the pool matches of the Champions League can also be played on this pitch − and FC Nordsjaelland is one of the teams participating this season.
grass nordsjaelland 2
In comparison with the synthetic turf fibres generally available, the monofilament turf fibres based on TenCate XQ™ technology have exceptional split resistance. This technology, in conjunction with the special method of construction and installation, satisfies the FIFA 2 Star performance level for at least five years. What’s more, such fields have a long lifespan and a natural appearance. 
grass nordsjaelland 3
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)